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. >> and would you pay extra for soda? the push for an extra tax in one bay area city. slavery, if he had to. he s- he wasn't serious, and his s f context. >> a nevada assemblyman is coming under fire for saying he would vote for slavery if he had to. he said he wasn't serious and his words were taken out of context. we dug up the video and you be the judge. >> if that is what they want, i have to hold my nose and bite my tongue. but yeah, if that is what the citizens want who elected me, that is what they elected me for. >> nevada's governor and several senators called the comment outrageous, insensitive and wrong, and they want an apology. >>> google is up to something big on the bay, we told you about their top secret project on treasure island that involves a huge barge and in an kpix5 exclusive, allen martin says there may be more. since the story last ran on friday, word has surfaced of this second stricture being built in portland, maine and possibly a third in connecticut. the director that would issue permits to google has heard of multiple vessels. >> as far as we know, this is the onl
to cover in the next hour. upcoming guests, scott wiener, san francisco's supervisor. tax on sugary drinks. >> also, the union for bart have ordered to have a new contract. we will hear from him live in studio coming up within the hour. >> first, breaking news in oakland. a two alarm house fire spreading fast. it broke out this morning around 6:20. right now there's no word of anyone hurt. we have calls to fire officials and will bring you the latest when it comes to the newsroom. >> a federal prosecutor providing new details about the shooting inside lax. the suspected gunman allegedly shot a tsa officer at point blank range on friday, then went up an escalator, came back down, and shot the same man again. he's been charged with murdering a federal officer and could face the death penalty. investigators say he was not a ticketed passenger. he was dropped off at the airport before the shooting. as carter evans tells us, authorities say he had more than one weapon. >> reporter: federal authorities announced the man who opened fire on tsa officers at delhi international airport carried with
will discuss a new tax on soda. scott weiner now lobbying for a 20 cent surcharge on each can or bottle sold here in the city. the money would pay for health, nutrition and activity programs for young people. >> as long as i know for sure it's definitely going towards that program and definitely going towards that cause then, yeah, i'd pay for the tax. >> sugar is terrible for you. i feel like people would stop drinking sugary soda if it was 25 cents extra. similar tax measures were defeated last year in richmond and in los angeles county town of el monte. >>> the snow is coming down. more than a foot has fallen in the highest elevation. ian schwartz with more on the season's first storm. >> a week ago we were dealing with temperatures near 80 degrees up here in the sierra but now snow are reminding drivers winter is not far off. >> weeks of sun and warmth tooshg a backseat to temperatures and snow today in the sierra. >> it was quite a change. >> scenes like this make snow junkies like jason smith sal fing. not everyone was welcoming the winter blast, though. traffic came to a crawl as i-80
is lobbying for a new tax. a 24-cent surcharge on each can or bottle of soda sold in the city. it would pay for health and nutrition programs for young people. >> yeah, as long as i know for sure it is going toward that program, and definitely going toward that cause, then yeah, i would be okay with it. >> sugar is terrible for you. i feel like people would stop drinking it if it was 25 cents extra. >> the idea needs support for the majority of supervisors. similar tax ideas were turned down in other surrounding areas. ingly don't need someone to tell me that sugar is not good for me. i don't need that. >> you can't do do it yourself. >> i need to be taxed to know. >>> if the rams beat seattle. >>> if the rams beat seattle. the 49ers will be ,, are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of th
in his palo alto neighborhood. >> not a one but two soda taxes are being floated in san francisco. two supervisors are proposing separate measures. one calls for a a a two sent tax per ounce. authority also calls for a two cent tax per ounce. they say they'll work together to put together one proposal. >> people who live near a hot sauce factory in l.a. county say the overwhelming smell of chili peppers is making their eyes and throats burn. it's so bad, they want the plant sit down. the city has filed a public nuisance law enforcement. >> we've been over to the site, and on the interior, it's fine, the exterior is horrible. >> the chief executive says in the property closes, the price will jump, because they've already had a hard time meeting demand. a judge is set to make a ruling on thursday. >>> well, the mavericks surf window opens on friday out near half moon bay. >> the question is, will the waves look anything like that monster right there? take a look at this. a brazilian surfer may have actually set a new world record yesterday riding this towering hundred-foot wave out in po
, the fall scout, next. >>> next, why one bay area leader wants to put a soda tax on next year's pal lot. >>> and, blown away, literally. the strong storms that swept some pedestrian off their feet. ,,,,,, >>> it was a flat day on wall street. the dow slipped a point. nasdaq drop more than three. s&p rose two points. that was enough for another record close. shares of apple dipped following the release of its earnings report. the company said it made a small profit in the fourth quarter. small because of the cost of the popular iphone. still, the all the beat wall street expectations. overall, apple stock up 25% since the last earnings report in july. >>> a delegation of european diplomats came to washingtoned to demanding answers about nsa's spy. a spanish newspaper reported the nsa monitored 60 million phone calls there in one month. germany and france were also caught up in the nsa sweep. some european leaders say they should consider allowing the u.s. to track terrorist spendening. >> i think they have to make a clear distinction between fighting terrorist but not spying on france. >
for young people. >> i vote for the tax, yeah. as long as i know for sure it's definitely going toward that program and definitely going toward that cause then, yeah, i'd pay for the tax. >> sugar is terrible for you and everyone drinks sugar all the time. i feel like people would stop drinking sugar y sodas if they were 24 cents extra. >> the idea would need support from the majority of supervisors to get on the ballot. similar measures were defeetd last year. >>> and protesters plan a rally today against another one of scott weiner's proposals. this time, the supervisor wants san francisco parks to close between mid niethd and 5:00 a.m.. the idea is to stop vandalism and theft. protesters say the plan targets homeless people. today's rally will be at noontime at city hal. >>> celebrity chef guy fierri took the stand against bay area teen accused of stealing his lam boar gee knee. max is accused of repealing into a san francisco car dealership in 2011 and stealing the $200,000 car to impress a girl. fieri spent five minutes on the stand yesterday telling the court he never gave permis
years. the transformation will generate $3 million in taxes for oakland. >>> new information about the chaos and confusion in castro valley after workers abandoned patients at an assisted care facility. here's an excerpt from a 911 call made by a staff member who stayed. >> is she breathing? >> yes. >> so we don't know what's wrong? he's just not looking well? >> what is wrong? >> valley springs manor shut down for two days last week. patients were inside with no staff to take care of them. except a janitor and a cook. that job included helping amputees the bedridden and mentally impaired. authorities are searching for the staff members who abandoned their post. >>> fans of gadgets by cupertino based apple converged on the company stores to get the latest version of the ipad. in new york, hundreds lined up before dawn yesterday at the flag ship apple store there on fifth avenue. and then celebrated when it opened. similar scenes played out around the country. the ipad air costs about $500 which is more expensive than competing tablets but reviews have been positive. the new ipad we
voters get ready to decide if they will raise their own taxes. ,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ for 13-year-old andy lopez. >>> protestors marching right now for a second straight day in santa rosa demanding justice for 13-year-old andy lopez. an investigators told the "san francisco chronicle" that the deputy who shot and killed lopez last week can't remember if he identified himself as a deputy before that shooting. our own ryan takeo with more on the tense moments leading up to the teenager's death. >> reporter: now investigators are releasing new information about the case and it's raising a big ques
. >>> san francisco's city supervisor set to introduce a ballot measure that would tax all sugar beverages sold in the city. if voters approve soda tax, a 24-cent tax would be added to every can of soda sold in san francisco. the money will help fund health and nutrition programs for children and would generate $31 million in revenue. >>> paul, it seems leek it has been forever since we had some real weather to talk a. now we have winds and cooler temperatures. >> reporter: it all comes at once. bm, then comes sunday, front. wind gusts every where. saw about 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gust at a minimum. some of you got to 75. high winds, big problems around the b. let's take you to antioch. a woman thought an earthquake shook her home. turn out a tree pierced through the roof of her sister's home. in tracy, the wind flipped over six trucks. make matters worse, a lot of dust out there, too. >> it does. that is the wish shoe people are talking about. the dust is like they are driving in the fog. it becomes like black wall in front of you. >> also, in emeryville the wednesday took down some
bit more. san francisco supervisor is pushing for a new tax on each can or a bottle of soda sold here in the city. >>> more than a thousand people are expected to march to the sonoma county sheriff's office in santa rosa today to protest the shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. kpix 5 reporter is live there and, kate, this is expected to be the largest demonstration yet. >> that's right, michelle. there is a lot of discontent towards law enforcement in this community. today, nearly 1500 demonstrators are expect today pack on the pressure at yet another rally. as you -- as this is going on, we're also learning new details about the sheriff's deputy who shot andy lopez last week. he's identified as 48-year-old gelhaus. hees been with the sonoma county sheriff's department for more than 20 years. gelhaus is also a field training officer and firearm instructor. the sheriff's office says his deputies feel terrible about what happened. >> horrible tragedy for all involved. >> gelhaus is a veteran of the iraq war and contributor to several gun web sites and mack sooens. meanwhile take a look
that port expansion project is going to generate about $3 million in taxes for the city. >>> millions of families face the grim reality of going hungry. how cuts to food stamps couldn't come at a worse time. >> stop, sit and whisper people on a bay area street getting a science lesson never expected. ,, ,,,, female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ tentative contract that end the strike last week. it calls for a p >>> right now, bart's 2300 union members are voting on the tentative contract that ended the strike last week. it calls for a pay increase of more than 15%. workers will also start paying into their pensions and healthcare contributions will go up. the results won't be announced until after the polls close at 11:00. >>> rather harsh reality for about a quarter million people in the bay area. they are going to see cuts co
in lucrative tax credits for the phony studio. capital roan's daughter, for example, according to the -- calderon's daughter for example according to the documents produced was given a job at the studio paid $30,000 according to affidavit but never showed up for work. when a correspondent confronted calderon about the allegations, this is how it went. >> the fbi alleges that you have accepted bribes in exchange for supporting legislation. >> it's, uhm, that's, uhm, like i said, i'm not going to answer anything right now. >> you're an elected officials state senator in one of the largest states in the country. don't you think the public has the right to hear from you? >> sure, they will. >> when will they hear from you? >> they hear from me all the time when i'm in the district. >> you're holding up a badge bragging about this is your "get out of jail free" card your pass and use it like a badge. what did you mean by that? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you were standing right there at the greens in pebble beach. >> please. gentlemen, i'm not going to be discussi
with incentives like $750 million of new tax credits the state can invest next year but we talked to several businessmen, like [ non-english language ] he owns a chinese construction company. his main barrier to entry isn't money. it's california's strict policies. >> there is no question the regulatory, permitting process in california, often times are more difficult than they should be. >> reporter: but he says the state is working to find ways to make it easier to do business in california like making permitting faster and more predictable. that's something he will have to explain when he makes his pitch tomorrow. in santa clara, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> well, tomorrow silicon valley technology innovation and entrepreneurship forum also includes panel discussions and a startup contest. >>> there's a lot of buzz about a new casino opening in the north bay next week. as with any casino, there of course will be winners and losers and for everyone else, there will be a lot more traffic. don ford on the gaming and gridlock. >> reporter: highway 101 running through rohnert park is nearly complete
voters are going to be deciding on bond measures and sales tax increases. in this graphic you can see the counties in which you may get some sticker shock when you get your property bill or when you go to check out if you are not careful. be sure to check your ballots if you live in those places. in particular, even bankrupt stockton is asking its res tents d to pay more in sales tax from 8.25 to a 9% sales tax estimate today bring in $28 million a year. however, the most interesting ballot measure goes to sunnyvale. pro-gun control advocates there have put a measure on the ballot that prohibit having magazines on their gun that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. this is a huge fight on both sides. this will be the one to watch in the bay area. >> that's here in california. how about outside? are there other interesting things going on election-wise? >> absolutely. in new jersey voters will be decide to go raise minimum wage to $8.25. in new york state voters are going to be deciding whether to allow gambling casinos to be built. a total of seven with four in upstate new yor
is proposing a soda tax and where he hopes millions of dollars can go. that story and more coming up tonight at 5:00. >>> bar tending reaches new heights in china. check it out. that's a helicopter opening a beer bottle of all things. the opener is attached the top of the chopper's skid. the pilot has to really keep it steady though and aim right. he did it. why would you need such a skill you ask, right? pilots had to open five bottles in eight minutes to win the tournament. a little scary though. >> i feel like a boy came up with that competition. >> you think so? >> yeah, testosterone behind that. >> have a great afternoon, everyone. >> bye. >> major changes at spencer. is bill still, uh -- >> liam: still on leave. yeah. it's, uh -- it's complicated. [ chuckles ] >> what isn't these days, right? >> liam: well, my annulment, hopefully. mpliuh -- no last-minute cotions you got to tell me about, or... >> it's official. as of today, you and steffy are no longer married. >> liam: wow. >> is there anything else i can do? i mean, aside from, uh, sending you my bill. >> liam: uh, no. no. thank yo
't as taxed because more people are conserving, which is good. >> we have enough water to use, but we don't have enough to waste. >> reporter: the rainy season begins november first. it lasts until march, which means it is going to be spring before we have any idea whether or not there is hasn't tour water conservation in our future. ann notarangelo, kpix 5 in antioch. >>> now to chief meteorologist paul deanno. been a long time since we have seen an october this dry. >> reporter: back in 1980, right before ronald reagan was elected president. we will do that again this year. here is the radar. had a couple sprinkles around the bay area. we are zero for october in san jose. zero for october in livermore. we are officially zero for october in san francisco. i am not looking at any rainfall over the next couple days. you know where we did see precipitation? in the sierra. some areas got up to 14 to 18 inches of rainfall. some ski resorts even flirting with the idea of opening on a limited basis as soon as this weekend. take look at the snowfall totals. a foot and a half of new snow. north s
will have the affordable care act and a marketplace option and you may qualify for tax credits. but the plans are going to change and we're all going to feel it. >> jill, thanks very much. >> great to be with you. >> jeff: more than 60 years ago an allied aircraft dropped a 4,000 pound bomb over the rur-- reg over-- rego of ger machine. they just found if unexploded. police evacked-- evacuated people. world war 2 bombs are still found but they're rarely this big. >> coming up an inside look at oprah winfrey's california auction. >> tomorrow would have been walter cronkite's 97th birth day. on monday the late long time cbs news anchor will be hon ared in his hometown of st. joseph's missouri. the memorial hall and missouri western state university features displays on his life and career. >> a unique yard sale in santa barbara,ical call, this weekend. up for bid more than 300 lots of turn shallings, artwork and memorabilia from the homes of oprah winfrey. winfrey launched the auction helping sell several lots herself. >> 41 going once, going twice. sold for $4100! that is amazin
in taxes for the city. >>> if you wanted to own your own basketball the park theater that closed back in 2002 is selling off the wares before it sells off for good. >> many people have memories in this mace. they know it will be torn down they want to take a piece of it home. >> i really want to see it. i want to go in one more time. >> i love old a band oned places. this is like going to disneyland for me. >> no word when it is set to be demolished but he will turn it into an office and retail space. >>> all right, we will show you more of this if you have not seen it already. why this is a rare hybrid solareclipse. >> it is cool. >>> speaking of cool we were cooler yesterday than today. the temperatures going back up before they go back down again. your pinpoint forecast as the news continues. stay with us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, last year... the new york cy marathon returned after a o year absence. a record number of runners participad amidst heightened security. >>> washed out. the new york city marathon returned after a one-year absence. a record number of runners were there. many were
, they are trying to increase their sales taxes and the most interesting is the initiative to limit gun magazines. as for that they will decide to raise the minimum became and they will vote on casinos there and finally voters in harris, texas, will vote on whether to issue bonds to renovate the dome, if it doesn't pass the astrodome will be demolished, remember to vote. >> you can check those police tomorrow there. >> grab the pen and paper we have the early scoop on christmas toy sales. >> they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would probable why be dead right now. >> a college student stuck for days between two walls, an incredible rescue that likely saved his life coming up. to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-exisdition. enroll now at secret black friday holiday sales are leaking out... the website "fat wallet" says 's gotten a hold of
wiener wants you to pay almost a quarter more for a soda, a new tax on every can or bottle of soft drink sold in san francisco. >>> and protestors plan to rally against another one proposal. this time, the supervisor want san francisco parks to close between midnight and 5:00 a.m. that's your news. we got your traffic and weather for tuesday coming right up. >>> good morning. we have a couple of problemming on 680. these accidents have now cleared. unfortunately bust remain including southbound 680 by crow canyon and stacked into danville and continuing further south, your ride slows. a multicar crash is now out of lane in andrade road. the bay bridge toll plaza backed to the maze, 20 minutes to get you onto the bridge. that's traffic. >>> a lot of cloud will start to break up throughout the day. temperatures are going to stay on the cool side. mostly cloudy skies. as we look towards the mountains, pleasant with 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, clouds will begin to break up a little bit but temperatures will be cool, 50 coast side, 60s elsewhere
waste of time and tax dollars. >> reporter: ryan sells these toy guns at his store. he says coloring them won't work. >> that's not what people want. you can change the legislation all you want. but if the kid buys a gun that's all pink or clear they are just going to spray-paint it. >> reporter: he points out many kids take off the orange rings mandated for all toy guns. the ring was off lopez's gun. state senator de leon says the change needs to be made for safety. >> when you have folks whose actually losing their lives, this model has to change. >> the tragedy isn't what happened and trying to prevent that. they are going to throw everything against the wall to see what sticks. >> reporter: this protest will wind through the city streets about a mile to the old courthouse downtown. now, organizers say there will be more of these protests until they say they find justice. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >>> new at 5:00 multiple agencies including the fbi are now looking into the case involving people abandoned at a castro valley care facility. this comes as we're learning more about what happ
$60,000 in bribes to draw up less that could have resulted in lucrative tax credits from the phony studio. calder own's studio, for example, according to the report, was given a job at the fake studio for which she was paid $30,000, according to the affidavit but never showed up for work. when josh bernstein confronted calder on about the allegations, this is how it went. >> reporter: the fbi says you have received ten offers thousands of dollars in bribes for supporting legislation. >> that's -- that's -- like i said, i'm not going to answer anything right now. >> reporter: you're an elected senator in one of the largest states in the country. don't you think the public has a right to hear from you? >> sure, they will. >> reporter: and when will they hear from you? >> they hear from me all the time in the strict. >> reporter: you're holding up a badge saying this is your get out of jail free card. what did you mean by that? >> i don't know what you were talking about. >> reporter: you were standing right there at the greens in pebble beach. >> please, gentlemen, i'm not going
of unused funds. 14million families use flexibility spending accounts allowing workers to use pre-tax dollars to pay for select medical expenses. >>> gadgets get the green light. the new changes to help you pass the time on a flight and the one thing you still cannot do during take-off and landing. >> and usually it's chicken creating salmonella fears. but what about the paprika flavoring it? the scary stuff found in imported spices. ,,,,,,,,,,,, nearly 50 students complained of >>> dorm food may be to blame for dozens of sick students on the stanford campus. nearly 50 students complained of nausea and vomiting after eating at the florence moore campus dining hall this week. some were treated for dehydration. the dining hall remains open while the public health department tries to find the source of the food poisoning. >>> and a sriracha shortage is avoided. the city of irwindale filed suit to close the factory after neighbors claimed the chili odors made them sick. the request was denied. sriracha made more than 60 million in sales last year. >>> some other popular seasonings under t
melt. >> our habitat changed. in fact, many water districts say their systems aren't as taxed because more people are conserving, which is good. bottom line is. >> we have enough water to use, but we don't have enough to waste. >> the rainy season in the bay area is november first through march so it will be spring before we know whether or not there is any mandatory conservation in our future. in antioch, ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> this is the first october in 33 years that weather stations in downtown san francisco, livermore, and san jose are all showing zero rainfall. >> no rain in our future, but plenty of cool temperatures. >> reporter: it feels like fall maybe not forker reason on the list. we have snow in the sierra. we have cold weather. no rainfall but it will be the chilliest night since easter tonight. cloud cover during the day. as we look live outside, the clouds are gone and the blanket is gone, so all the heat we gained will be lost back in the atmosphere. what a spectacular sunset. 56 in san francisco. oakland, you are the warm spot at 61. concord upper 50s. livermore
that's one group. a big chung, 52% will qualify for tax credits on a sliding scale based on household income. but there's this 10% of americans who don't have insurance right now who earn more than 4 times the poverty level so that's about household income for a family of four we're talking about $94,000. so those 10%, the bill for healthcare is going to be steep and could be, you know, 30, 40% more expensive than the government's initial estimate. of the average. >> wow. so why are some that may have private policies going to have to pay more then? >> reporter: you know, like we heard in that package right before this piece under the new law insurance companies must provide a base level of healthcare. well, that means that a lot of the current high deductible plans that offer catastrophic coverage only, they have to be replaced with more comprehensive and by extension more expensive plans. some companies just are not going to be able to provide those plans so approximately 2 million americans have been notified that they will lose their existing coverage. >> jill, is there anything
the federal tax dollars are pouring in. a cbs news analysis shows the 15 states opted to set up exchanges are spending more than $1.1 billion to launch and implement the websites. california has dedicated $359 million while new york is spending $161 million. in kentucky it is $100 million and in oregon the price tag is $50 million. the president has pointed to oregon which has enrolled 56,000 people in medicaid to argue things are working. >> that is 56,000 more americans who now have health care. that doesn't depend on a website. >> reporter: it is a good thing because oregon's website doesn't work. the new medicaid enrollments came through the mail. the state website has yet to enroll a single person. clay johnson is a former member of president obama's technology team. >> what we have done is created systems that enable this level of waste. >> reporter: he links federal rules that favor large government contractors who win out over and over like cgi which won bids in five different states to help develop websites the same company under fire as its role a
than to take 15 smaller taxes. the same with cruising. the reason they build these gigantic ships is they're far more profitable. >> we saw two cruise ships that got a lot of attention for their onboard fires. do we have regulations now to avoid the fires? >> sure. what's interesting about the "triumph" is today everyone's got a samsung phone or whatever to take pictures to post all over social media. it's helped to illuminate conditions. since 120u all new cruise ships are required to have redundant power systems so if one gets knocked out, you can still safely limp back to port. >> i'm look. dwlou evacuate a ship of that side. how do you get people off? >> it's crazy. you think about compared to a two-story building, a skyscraper takes longer to evacuate right? but we still build skyscrapers. 18,000 passengers is much harder than a thousand. and so have you seen the evacuation chutes? >> not on the ship no. >> it's designed only for the crew. it's a giant orange esophagus. it's five stories off the water. you're supposed to slide down this into the life raft.
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